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Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
. c-span: how did that happen? >> guest: in 1989, i moved out to california to work with condi rice, who was my outside reader on my thesis committee, partly, and also to be in the bay area, and she got a job in the bush at the first bush administration, and so i just happened to meet shultz one day and asked him if i could interview him for my research. and he'd just left the reagan administration, and he was allowing students to interview him. and so he allowed me to interview him, and it led to me working for him to do the research for his memoir. c-span: now how did condi rice become your--what?--outside of what s... >> guest: my reader. c-span: harvard? >> guest: yeah, the--an outside reader on the dissertation, but from another university. c-span: but from ucla. >> guest: no, at harvard. c-span: at harvard. ok. >> guest: yeah. she--we met just, i think, through the field. i met her at stanford and she would come to harvard and give talks, and so i thought she would be a good person to--to work with. c-span: now are you political along the way? do you have strong feelings about
Dec 1, 2012 6:00pm EST
, california, where i spent eight months doing secondary sources in the bancroft library there, which is famous for its western collection. but i had to go to a number of repositories of original documents; for example, monroe, michigan, where both the custers grew up, both george armstrong and his wife; to yale for some significant letters; certainly to west point; to new york public library; and, of course, to washington, dc, to the national archives and the library of congress. c-span: where'd you find the most material that was useful primary material? >> guest: well, certainly the battlefield archive has the largest amount. but monroe, michigan, and the national archives would follow the battlefield. c-span: you've got a picture in here of general custer's wife at what age? >> guest: she's 22 in that picture. c-span: where did they meet? >> guest: in monroe, michigan, where she was a native, and he moved there following his sister and her husband. and eventually his whole family moved to monroe from ohio where he had been born. c-span: wasn't there a dispute about the statue in ohio, and v
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2